/7 Best Things to do in Nepal

7 Best Things to do in Nepal

Nepal is a fairy tale destination renowned for its beautiful backdrops, historic buildings, temples, monasteries and monuments. The enchanting beauty offers a perfect backdrop to these famous tourist spots in Nepal and the weather makes visiting favorable for tourists.

7 Best Things to do in Nepal

We bring forward to you the 7 best things to do in Nepal that cannot be missed.


Nepal is a paradise for every trekker. Trekking through lush green forests of rhododendrons, streaming rivers and profound gorges in Nepal offers absolutely stunning vistas. Trekking is one of the best things to do in Nepal. There are shorter mountain peaks for the novices such as Mera Peak, Island Peak, while the professional trekkers can enjoy the opportunity to trek on Mount Everest.

2. Chitwan National Park Tour

A Chitwan National Park tour is one of Nepal’s best things to do. On this tour you will have a wonderful opportunity to discover nature’s beauty and witness various species of wildlife including deer, sloth bears, Bengal tigers, leopards, one-horned rhinos, buffalo, critter etc. Some of the national park’s habitants also include freshwater dolphins and crocodiles.

3. Indulge in Adventure Sports

Nepal is a haven for adventure lovers. You can indulge in various types of adventure sports such as river rafting skydiving bungee jumping and many more. The Bhote Koshi River offers the best river rafting and kayaking experience while Last Resort is an ideal location for bungee jumping. You can also enjoy skydiving and paragliding in Pokhara and try out the thrilling mountain biking activity in the Kathmandu Valley.

4. Scenic Flight Tour of Himalayas

Himalayan flight tour is one of the best things to do in Nepal. The tour would give you spectacular views of the majestic mountains as well as a clear view of all of Mount Everest’s major peaks. You will also get a glimpse, Mount Makalu, Mount Pumori, Mount Dorje Lhakpa, Mount Gosaithan and Mount Gauri-Shanker on this scenic helicopter tour.

5.Enjoy Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Swarmed with palaces, temples, intricate carvings, stone pictures, pagodas, monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites, the city is full of culture and history, making sightseeing one of best things to do in Nepal. Some of the region’s popular landmarks include Boudhanath & Swayambhunath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple and the Museum of Narayanhiti Palace, etc.

6. Witness the architecture of Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is one of the best places to visit in Nepal. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is the best illustration of the temple’s outstanding architecture and carvings. Bhaktapur is renowned for souvenirs, pottery, puppets, masks, and cultural crafts that make shopping in Nepal an amazing choice for visitors.

7. Visit Lumbini

Claimed to be Lord Buddha’s birthplace, Lumbini is Nepal’s pilgrimage destination. Lumbini has a complex of beautiful gardens, monasteries and temples including historical ruins of Buddha’s birthplace. One of the place’s highlights is the Maya Devi Temple, a temple devoted to the mother of Gautam Buddha.

Now that you have become well-versed with the best things to do in Nepal for a memorable trip, book Nepal Tour Package right away and make the most of your Nepal holidays with your dear ones.