/Dubai Frame – The Largest Picture Frame In The World

Dubai Frame – The Largest Picture Frame In The World

Dubai’s Newest Trending Attraction: The Dubai Frame

Dubai is every tourist’s dream destination with its stunning skyline and beautiful landmarks. Dubai Frame, Dubai’s newest attraction, is an iconic skyscraper that frames stunning vistas of Modern and ancient Dubai, while acting as a metaphorical bridge that connects the rich past of the Emirates with its wonderful present.

Standing at an impressive height of 152 meters, Dubai Frame is a massive rectangular frame with two 93-meter-wide towers straddling a huge 100 sq. meter bridge forming the top of the Dubai Frame.

Location of the Dubai Frame:

The Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park next to the stargate.

What Does Dubai Frame Represent?

The frame of the picture frames the city beautifully. The Dubai Frame frames the city perfectly. The Northern view represents Dubai’s heritage realms, where past former residents dived for traded spices and pearls and lived ordinary lives whereas the Southern view reflects glamor, glitz, prosperity and wealth.

Looking through the frame to the south, you will see Downtown Dubai’s glittering skyline, along with some of the iconic landmarks of the city such as the Burj Khalifa. Moreover, you can revel in the beautiful vistas of Bur Dubai, Dubai Creek, Karama, Umm Hurair, Old Dubai, and Deira as you look through the frame towards the north.

Past to Future Journey
The Museum at the Mezzanine:

Your Dubai frame journey starts at the mezzanine level where you are greeted by a magnificent museum and gallery. Here you will enjoy an immersive experience of interesting displays that reveal the amazing transformation of Dubai from a fishing village to a modern city. To create a very visually appealing experience, different special effects are put to use. The atmosphere is set by mist effects, projections and smells that ignite ocean memories.

The Sky Deck:

Enjoy the incredibly refreshing 3D views of the amazing landmarks of Dubai and listen to the commentary telling you interesting facts about each landmark. Enjoy the astonishing 3D views of the marvelous landmarks of Dubai and listen to the commentary telling you intriguing facts about each attraction point.

The Vortex Tunnel:

Next you will hop on the elevator and go through a vortex tunnel augmented with special lights and sound effects. Here you will feel like you have been transported in the future Dubai 50 years from now when you are in the Vortex Tunnel. The Vortex Tunnel offers an incredibly immersive experience with the use of Augmented Reality again. You will be virtually shipped to the future, 50 years from now with flying taxis and moving structures and everything you could imagine of from a sci-fi movie.

The Glass Walkway:

Your journey proceeds to Dubai Frame’s top floor. You can stand onto the glass walkway and enjoy stunning views of the whole city right from North and South to East, and West. On the Glass Walkway, there is a café where you can savor a cup of hot coffee and some delicious desserts. Sip, eat, and see the world’s most beautiful views. There is also a glass under your feet.

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