/Dubai Fun Facts: Things You Might Not Know about Dubai

Dubai Fun Facts: Things You Might Not Know about Dubai

Dubai, a fabulous host to tourists and an incredible city to visit around the world, dotted with larger-than-life landmarks, and essence with Rich Arabian history, exemplary art, and vibrant culture. We all know what Dubai is known for and what actually attracts tourists to visit this city of Deserts. But, we are here to tell you about Dubai’s unknown things, which are interesting as well as chucklesome.

Dubai Police’s is Super Glamorous


Unlike other countries’ Dubai police force, don’t pootle around in Fords, Innova or any others. But, they have got some of the world’s most luxurious, exotic and unusual cars for patrolling purposes. This includes Audi R8, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and even Ferrari. Amazed? Well, this is just the beginning, we have more for you to blow your senses.

Dubai ATM’s can Serve almost anything


Have you heard of ATM’s serving Gold? The answer would be a Straight No, or That’s impossible. But, dear readers, that’s what Dubai is all for. Dubai Malls and Burj Khalifa have installed the Gold Dispenser, ‘Gold to Go’ – The Gold ATM counters. Make sure you carry UAE Dirhams and tuck in the equivalent AEDs in exchange of your Gold.

Dubai’s Population is 83% Expats


Though Dubai Follows and believes the Islam Religion Majorly, Dubai, as well as the UAE, is a home to over 200 nationalities. The Emirates constitute roughly 20% of the total population, resulting in UAE, the home to one of the world’s highest percentage of expatriates. You’ll find a wide-range of eateries, restaurants and food trucks serving world-class delicacies. Be it Indian cuisines, Pakistani Biryani, Iranian Numbness or Emirati shawarmas.

Dubai hosts Robo Camel Racing


Arabians are fond of Camels and you can find them roaming around the vast Dubai Beaches and of course at the Dubai Deserts. Also, camel racing is one of the favorite sports of Emiratis just like Hockey in Canada and Football in the United States. But, what’s unique about these Camel Races! Well, you won’t find a jockey riding those camels, but a Robot sitting, which closely controlled by the riders. So, if you are in Dubai, spare some of your time to watch this Robo Camel Racing.

Dubai Had no addresses, area and zip codes, and postal system

The city, which houses world-class amenities, super-luxurious hotels, iconic attractions, had once no Address, no Zip Codes or Area Codes and even the Postal System. So, reaching out to someone’s place a tiresome thing. Instead of an address line on a mailing label, there used to be a blank space, where the residents could draw the map or give instructions like, ‘Head straight after the Grand Mosque, turn right, walk straight for 500 meters and then take a left, Black Door.’ After facing these issues, Dubai introduced a 10-digit Makani number, to all buildings to help identify them.

A City of Unusual Sights


Using a smartphone is not a big thing, but roaming around with Gold-platted smartphones of million dollars is, right! As you read about the exotic cars used by Dubai Police, it was merely a starter, the most exciting thing is you’ll witness Gold, Silver or White-gold plated cars. Also, have you seen anyone playing tennis 1000 feet above the sea-level? Sounds strange and almost impossible right! But how can we forget Dubai is what makes imaginations come true and this is possible; ascend to Burj Al Arab’s stunning Helipad hovering 300 meters above the sea level.

Have a Sip of Steaming Gold Tea.


Yes, yes you read the point right. Gold Tea! We told you about the Gold ATM, The Gold Smartphones and Gold Cars then why not Gold Tea. Head straight to Mocca Art Café in Downtown, you can order your 22 Carat Gold Tea, but it may set you back a dear amount of AED 55.

And this list, of course, doesn’t even begin to cover all of the fun things to do in Dubai. So, hope you enjoyed reading these fun Facts about Dubai City. And, if have you have come across such bizarre things in Dubai? Please Share your experiences in the Comment section below.