/5 Places Foodies Will Love in Dubai

5 Places Foodies Will Love in Dubai

Dubai, the capital of United Arab Emirates is a place much renowned for modern culture and luxury lifestyle which attracts millions of visitors every year. The capital has some incredible attractions, shopping markets, and luxury hotels. Apart from luxury, there are some great places, where you can taste a variety of local as well as international foods. Have a look at some of the Best places where you can taste lip-smacking foods.

1. Meena Bazaar, Bur Dubai

Meena Bazaar is one of the busiest markets in the Bur Dubai, besides being the busiest and congested, lots of travelers and locals love to visit here, due to its wide range of shops and dining areas. At the first, it’s hard to find a place for parking and secondly, you’ll find streets like a maze, so don’t worry if you are unable to find the main road, take help from a local they’ll help you. Here you’ll find the best Indian Food, as the area is predominantly filled with Indian residents, other than Indian cuisines you can also taste Chinese, Desserts, Biryani’s and Persian food. Some of the best restaurants at Meena Bazaar are Rangoli, Puranmal Vegetarian Restaurant, Bombay Times, and Kamat.

2. 2nd December Street, (Al Dhiyafah Road), Satwa

Al Dhiyafah Road in Satwa is one of the most visited places where you can find most of the foodies enjoy old-school eateries as well as international cuisines. The Street is now called the 2nd December Street from 2011 in the honor of the UAE’s 40th National Day. Here you can Try the favorite foods of the Middle East – Shawarma wraps at ‘Al Mallah’, for Iranian kebabs go for ‘Pars Iranian Kitchen’, do try the famous Pakistani Biryani at the oldest ‘Ravi Restaurant’ and after finishing your main course enjoy sweet desserts at ‘Firas Sweets’.

3. Al Karama, Bur Dubai

The Al Karama district offers you to enjoy the finger-licking Parsi cuisines at the ‘Kebab Bistro’, which was Dubai’s first ever restaurant to serve authentic Parsi dishes. It serves Kebabs, Biryanis, and a complete Parsi Main Course. Taste Al Karama’s all-time favorite Indian Chaats at the Chaat Bazaar in the Mabrook building. And the another best one is ‘Al Reef Lebanese Bakery’ which is well-known for its Lebanese Pizza and Shawarma’s.

4. Al Muteena Street and Al Muraqqabat, Deira

Enjoy the special Arabian eateries, Iranian eateries, Syrian, Lebanese and Iraqi Kebab joints on Al Muteena Street and Al Muraqqabat, located in the heart of Deira. The famous restaurants are, a 35-year old Aroos Damascus – an eatery which is open till 3 AM and is known for its Arabian and kebabs, Qwaider Al Nabulsi Sweets – serves Arabian cuisines and desserts, and Karachi Darbaar – a place which opens till 2:30 AM and you can find the area’s best Pakistani, Chinese, and Indian cuisines.

5. Last Exit – Food Truck Park

Located at the 11th Exit of Jebel Ali Hills on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Last exit is one of the best places for the locals to hang out and enjoys the food with their friends and families. It’s a great place for the foodies who want try-on the new and delicious dishes under the sparkling sky. At ‘Last Exit’ you will find street food trucks offering a selection of fresh and yummy gourmet.  Here you can enjoy a complete meal, starting from authentic Arabian coffee to lip-smacking sweet dessert, taste Pizza’s, Burger’s, Falafel, Mocktails, Indian Parathas with Masala Chai and more.

So, these were the top five spots where you can find the best international as well as local street food in Dubai, and make sure you eat at all these places. And if you don’t get a chance to roam around all five, at least try one or two.